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Lanzarote Airport Informational Guide to Lanzarote Arrecife Airport (ACE) - Non Official

Canaryfly - Lanzarote Airport (ACE)

On Time performance:
We have calculated the percentage of flights that arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time, or earlier, based on real flight data from the last 3 months. More about punctuality and delays


Arrivals and Departures Terminal:

Canaryfly uses Terminal 2 at Lanzarote Airport (ACE).

Arrivals and Departures

Follow the links below in order to see all the flights scheduled for Canaryfly

- Canaryfly Arrivals
- Canaryfly Departures


In order to check in for your flight at Lanzarote Airport (ACE), go to the terminal where your flight departs from, or follow the instructions provided in your ticket.

General Information and contact

- IATA Code: PM
- Website: www.canaryfly.es/

Punctuality and delays

We have gathered data from recent months and present below an analysis of how timely the flights have been.

In terms of On-Time Performance, by analyzing the flight data from the last three months, spanning from March 14, 2024 to June 13, 2024, we have obtained these figures.
Total number of flights: 814
On Time: 758 ( 93 % )
Moderate Delay: 33 ( 4 % )
Significant Delay: 13 ( 2 % )
Major Delay: 10 ( 1 % )
Canceled: 0 ( 0 % )
Diverted: 0 ( 0 % )

Average Delay: 5 minutes.
Delays analyzed by Week: It is not possible to calculate the On-Time Performance for this flight accurately by weekday due to insufficient or non-representative data, as doing so could lead to misleading conclusions
Delays analyzed by Month: We have gathered available data from last twelve closed months, spanning from June 02, 2023 to May 31, 2024. Next, you can observe the results broken down by month: number of flights analyzed, on-time performance per month, and average delay per month.

Note: We have excluded some months from the graph, since the quantity and quality of the data is not representative enough.

Destinations Served

Canaryfly only serves two destination from Lanzarote Airport (ACE):To see the destinations and their flight frequency, please select the country.


											- Las Palmas (LPA): Daily
- Tenerife (TFN): Daily

The information provided above does not include details about seasonal flights that are not currently being served at this moment, which means that only the flights currently in operation are covered in the information provided.