Terminals at Lanzarote Airport: Terminal 1 and 2

Lanzarote airport has two Passenger Terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and one Cargo Terminal.

Terminal 2 is the Inter-Island Terminal. The airport serves the Island of Lanzarote and sometimes operates as a connector between the Canary Islands.


Terminal 1 and 2

Both terminal buildings have two levels:

- P0 - Ground Level - Arrivals

- P1 - First Level - Departures


Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has gates from 1 to 12. It’s the busiest terminal at Lanzarote’s airport and handles International and Domestic flights.

Airlines: All airlines operating at Lanzarote airport use only this terminal except Binter, Iberia and Naysa. The airlines with more flights are Ryanair and Vueling.


Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has three boarding gates. It operates as the Inter-island Terminal because attends the inter-island passengers traffic that travel in the Canary Islands.

It has a café and a restaurant area, shops and check-in desks.

Airlines: Only three airlines operate from this Terminal: Binter, Iberia and Naysa. Some of the flights from these airlines are also operated from Terminal 1.

Interesting information: passengers can buy directly their flight to go to another Canary Island in Binter.


The car rental companies are located outside of each terminal. César Manrique, one of the most famous artists from Lanzarote, is present through the building through one of his murals, next to a relaxing area.


As a curiosity, Lanzarote is a volcanic island with lots of stones by lava. Most of the materials used to build Lanzarote’s airport building are from the island itself.